What is Coaching?

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Coaching is focused on becoming unstuck and moving forward. Coaching is about movement, progress and growth. Coaching is about walking alongside someone through the process of discovery, identifying obstacles, and creating a plan to overcome challenges to accomplish goals and experience growth. A quality coach will ask tough questions, show up ready to listen, offer connections, and challenge a coachee with a judgment-free approach. 


Coaching in comparison to mentoring: Mentoring is typically more advice-driven; a mentor usually talks more and listens less with a particular area of expertise. Coaching, on the other hand, is about asking thoughtful questions and listening. 

Coaching in comparison to counseling: Counseling is generally focused on dealing with past traumas and hardships. Rather than focusing on the past, coaching is about getting unstuck, defining future goals, and launching forward.  


That's not to say coaching, mentoring, and counseling never intersect, but it's important to recognize the distinction between the three in order to have accurate expectations.


Ready for a Revolution?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed? 

Struggling with self-doubt?

Sick of saying yes to everyone? 

Continually feeling stuck? 

Longing for more meaningful relationships? 

It’s time for a revolution. 

It's time to conquer audacious goals. 

Discover & Drive 

The discovery process is about understanding why you believe what you believe and identifying changes you want to make. Along the way, you may have unexpected AHA! moments that will help you identify goals that are most important to YOU.


Discover YOUR true self: identify your strengths, define your goals, consider challenges, bust out. Get in the driver’s seat of your life. It’s time to discover and live freely.

Treasures & Transformation

Inevitably, the journey of discovery combined with determination will result in transformation and unearth beautiful treasures. Treasures of courage and bravery. Treasures of wisdom and insight. Treasures of vulnerability and connection. Treasures of freedom and confidence.


Let’s dig deep and unearth those treasures together.